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Experience Kenya’s diverse cultures on a private tour to Bomas of Kenya that includes a round-trip transport from your Nairobi hotel.Enjoy different Dance from different culture of Kenya . Our Knowledgeable Drive will meet you at your Nairobi hotel for your journey to Bomas of Kenya, a cultural center by the entrance to Nairobi National Park. With access to the grounds, you’ll be able to explore a series of traditional villages that have been recreated onsite, visiting small local houses to get a glimpse of daily life in rural Kenya. The word “Bomas” comes from the Swahili expression for an enclosed homestead—like the clusters of homes that the cultural center highlights as the heart of traditional life in Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya is a cultural tour of Kenya’s major ethnic groups, such as Mijikenda, Luo, Taita, Embu, Maasai, Kikuyu, Kamba, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kisii, Kuria to name just a few of the native peoples that are represented at the venue. The word “boma” means “homestead”, and here you find replicates of traditional villages that provide interesting insight about each tribe’s societal structure, crafts, music, dancing and much more. The site was founded in 1971 by the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation to preserve the ancient traditions of the Kenyan people by building local and international awareness and advocacy. The bomas are built using the same techniques that are used by local tribes, so the experience is truly authentic, much as you would find in the remote communities of Kenya. The site is also home to an impressive auditorium, one of largest in Africa that seats 3,500 people to watch the internationally recognized Harambe dancers. Daily performances include a selection of more than 30 traditional dances of the different ethnic groups in Kenya, and one of the most impressive performances is the Samburu and Maasai warriors. Hosted events may also include music, theater, fashion show, poetry readings, sports, seminars and many other activities. Bomas of Kenya is located less than 7 miles (12 kilometers) from Nairobi’s city center and is very close to Nairobi National Park. We offer this excursion in the afternoon; therefore, you can combine it with a city tour in the morning.

At the end of your time at Bomas of Kenya, meet your driver for the return trip to your hotel, where this tour concludes.You can be taken to Carnivore for Dinner experience with additional cost