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Roberts Trecking Limited is an exceptional tour operating company in Diani Beach, which develops and operates exquisite safaris. Enjoy your stay with us. Go on an unforgettable safari experience with us. We will provide you with the “highlight” of your East African visit. We are proud to distinguish ourselves from other tour operators. After exclusive safari experiences we have gained in the past, we deserve the reputation of an inimitable expert in terms of attention and service to our clients. We offer a full range of tourism and “destination management services” through a dynamic and dedicated team, all specialists in their fields. We specialize in traveling to fascinating destinations with a focus on quality, personal care, safety and ultimately customer satisfaction.


Following exclusive safari experiences that we have arranged in the past, we have earned an inimitable reputation for the expert attention and services that we render to our clientele. We offer a full range of tourism and destination management services, complimented by a dynamic, dedicated team who are all specialists in their fields. We specialize in trips to intriguing destinations with emphasis placed on quality, personalized attention, safety and ultimately, customer satisfaction.


From the begining you will be dealing with the part and parcel of the company. We are the only tour company that offers such facilities.From the main office to the wilderness, you will be dealing with the directors who have vast knowledge in this field. We will provide a complete schedule and itinerary of your time in Kenya, mapping out all your destinations, accommodations and meals. You also get our guidebook that provides information about visas, immunizations, baggage, and all the other essentials for your trip.

We are an exceptional tour operator company based in Diani Beach that develops and operates exquisite, viable and productive safaris. Enjoy your stay with us. We go out of our way to deliver a memorable safari experience that will remain the highlight of your visit. We pride ourselves on the following key discriminators that clearly distinguish us from the other tour operators:

Our drivers and guides

The driver or guide will determine the success of your safari and this is a fact. With this knowledge in mind, we have a selected a team of well trained, experienced and knowledgeable driver guides to accompany you, with a knowledge of wildlife and birds, their behavior as well as the local flora and fauna. They also speak German, and French other than English, thus giving you a choice.


Our safaris depart daily with a minimum of 2 persons for lodge safaris and a maximum of 6 per mini bus.Each pax will sit next to a window.In a Jeep maximum is 4Pax. We do this in order fit our itineraries to your schedule. The camping safaris can and do also depart with minimum 2 persons at an added cost.