Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes For Hire

Roberts Trecking Ltd offers a unique ability to rent ATV Quad bike so that you can explore Diani Beach and its Surrounding. Create your own memories and adventures with ATV Quad bike.

Quad biking on a four wheel ATV is awesome fun and surprisingly easy. In fact, anyone can do it. All our bikes are Semi-automatic making them easy/safe to ride. We have 250CC and 400CC ATV Quad Bike.

All riders receive a safety briefing, followed by individual instruction on how to control and manage the bike. We then do some practical training and assessments on our confidence building course.

Come and enjoy a truly memorable adventure as you ride.

Quad Biking Packages varies depending on how much time you’d like to enjoy the activities: For more than below mentioned time kindly inquire or call us.

For hire: atv Quad-Bikes, Noah Van, Landcruiser

Call:+254 777 999 001

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